QwuiLabel Class Reference

A label webget. A label can be used to display text, an image and links. if you put. More...

#include <qwuilabel.h>

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Public Types

enum  ImageType { JpegImage, PngImage }

Public Slots

void clear ()
void setNum (int num)
void setNum (double num)
void setImageFile (const QString &f, bool clickable=false)
void setImage (const QImage &p, bool clickable=false)
void setText (const QString &t)


void clicked (const QString &link)

Public Member Functions

 QwuiLabel (QwuiWebget *parent=NULL, const QString &webName=QString::null)
virtual ~QwuiLabel ()
QString text () const
QString imageFile () const
const QImage * image () const
ImageType imageType () const
void setImageType (ImageType p)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void render ()

Private Slots

void image (QString &mimeType)
void handleClick (QString &mimeType)

Private Attributes

QString m_text
QString m_imageFile
ImageType m_imageType
QImage * m_image
bool m_imageClickable

Detailed Description

A label webget. A label can be used to display text, an image and links. if you put.

 <a href="test">Test</a>

as text, the signal clicked() will be emited with "test" as parameter.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwuiLabel::QwuiLabel ( QwuiWebget parent = NULL,
const QString &  webName = QString::null 
QwuiLabel::~QwuiLabel (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void QwuiLabel::clear (  )  [slot]
void QwuiLabel::clicked ( const QString &  link  )  [signal]
void QwuiLabel::handleClick ( QString &  mimeType  )  [private, slot]
void QwuiLabel::image ( QString &  mimeType  )  [private, slot]
const QImage * QwuiLabel::image (  )  const
QString QwuiLabel::imageFile (  )  const
QwuiLabel::ImageType QwuiLabel::imageType (  )  const
void QwuiLabel::render (  )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from QwuiWebget.

void QwuiLabel::setImage ( const QImage &  p,
bool  clickable = false 
) [slot]
void QwuiLabel::setImageFile ( const QString &  f,
bool  clickable = false 
) [slot]
void QwuiLabel::setImageType ( ImageType  p  ) 
void QwuiLabel::setNum ( double  num  )  [slot]
void QwuiLabel::setNum ( int  num  )  [slot]
void QwuiLabel::setText ( const QString &  t  )  [slot]
QString QwuiLabel::text (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

QImage* QwuiLabel::m_image [private]
QString QwuiLabel::m_imageFile [private]
QString QwuiLabel::m_text [private]

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