Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
QwuiAbstractHttpServerBase class for the implementation of an HTTP server. An HTTP server needs a resource provider server that will provide the resources depending on the mime type. There are two operating modes for a server: Queuing the requests and treating them sequentially or using a different thread for each connection
QwuiAbstractHttpServerDelegateThis class represents wraps the handling of an HTTP request. A delegate is created by the QwuiAbstractHttpServer for each incomming connection and the processing of the HTTP request takes place in this delegate
QwuiAbstractResourceThis class represents a resource that can be served by the web server. A resource can be any type of information that can be served by a web server. Examples: an image file, a text file, some code generating HTML, etc... A resource is identified by its MIME-type and this class provides the resource length, its path and is able to send the resource to an QIODevice
QwuiAbstractResourceProviderA resource provider is a class that builds a QwuiAbstractResource for a given HTTP request. This class represents an HTTP session and provides only the session management informations to subclasses. Subclasses must implement the provide() method to return a QwuiAbstractResource corresponding to the given HTTP request
QwuiAbstractResourceProviderFactoryAbstract class defining the interface for a resource provider factory. Subclasses must implement the create() method to return a QwuiAbstractResourceProvider
QwuiApplicationThe main class used for all web application sessions. This class has to be created by the web main method and represents the session application. For an example, see QwuiApplicationFactory
QwuiApplicationFactoryApplication factory. This class uses a creator function to create new applications instances. The creator function corresponds to the traditionnal main() function for a web application
QwuiApplicationServerApplication server. The application server uses internally an HTTP server and an application factory to provide application instances on demand
QwuiBoxLayoutBox layout used to lay out widgets horizontally or vertically. This is the base class used for QwuiHBoxLayout and QwuiVBoxLayout
QwuiBufferedResourceA resource that wraps a simple byte array. This class makes it possible to send a buffer of data to the client
QwuiFileResourceThis class makes it possible to send a file to the client
QwuiFileResourceProviderA resource provider that provides file resources. When provide() is called, the resource provider looks for a file that corresponds to the path given in the header relatively to the rootDirectory()
QwuiGridLayoutA grid layout. This layout can be used to organise child widgets in a table
QwuiHBoxLayoutLayout used to dispose webgets horizontally
QwuiHttpServerThe concrete HTTP server. Instances of this class listen on a given port and let than an QwuiHttpServerDelegate handle the incomming requests
QwuiHttpServerDelegateConcrete imlementation of the HTTP server delegate. This class handles uses a socket descriptor and uses it to transmit the requested resources
QwuiLabelA label webget. A label can be used to display text, an image and links. if you put
QwuiLayoutBase class for all layouts. A layout is used to organise child webgets within a parent webget
QwuiMainWebgetMain web widget. Use an instance of this class as main container for your UI
QwuiMessageResourceA simple resource that wraps a message. Use this to wrap a static string as a resource
QwuiParametersParameters received from the client by the web server
QwuiResourceProviderFactory< T >A helper class used to instanciate factories for resource providers. Example:
QwuiResourceProviderServerThis class holds currently alive sessions and creates new ones on demand. This class is used to hold sessions and manage their lifetimes. A new session can be created with newSession(). With takeSession() and releaseSession() you can take the ownership of a session for your specific handling and release it once you are finished
QwuiScrollAreaA simple scroll area webget
QwuiStackedLayoutA stacked webgets layout. This layout keeps a stack of webgets and displays only one at time
QwuiStackedWebgetA stacked webget container
QwuiTagA helper class used to generate HTML tags
QwuiTcpServerA simple subclass of QTcpServer. This class provides only a signal newConnection(int) with the incoming connection socket descriptor as parameter
QwuiVBoxLayoutLayout used to dispose webgets vertically
QwuiWebgetThe base class for all webgets
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