QwuiLayout Class Reference

Base class for all layouts. A layout is used to organise child webgets within a parent webget. More...

#include <qwuilayout.h>

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QwuiLayoutItem QwuiBoxLayout QwuiGridLayout QwuiStackedLayout QwuiHBoxLayout QwuiVBoxLayout

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Public Types

enum  LayoutType { HBoxLayout, VBoxLayout, GridLayout, StackedLayout }
enum  Unit { Em, Pixel, RelativeStrength }

Public Member Functions

 QwuiLayout (QwuiWebget *parent, Unit unit=RelativeStrength)
 QwuiLayout (Unit unit=RelativeStrength)
virtual ~QwuiLayout ()
QwuiWebgetparentWebget () const
virtual LayoutType type () const =0
virtual void removeItem (QwuiLayoutItem *item)=0
void removeWebget (QwuiWebget *w)
virtual int count () const =0
virtual int indexOf (QwuiWebget *w) const =0
virtual bool contains (QwuiWebget *w) const =0
virtual QwuiLayoutItemitemAt (int index) const =0
virtual QwuiLayoutItemtakeAt (int index)=0
bool isEnabled () const
void setEnabled (bool enable)
void setSpacing (int s)
int spacing () const
ItemType itemType () const
virtual void render ()=0
Unit unit () const
void setUnit (Unit u)
QString unitToString () const

Private Attributes

bool m_enabled
int m_spacing
Unit m_unit


class QwuiWebget

Detailed Description

Base class for all layouts. A layout is used to organise child webgets within a parent webget.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwuiLayout::QwuiLayout ( QwuiWebget parent,
Unit  unit = RelativeStrength 
QwuiLayout::QwuiLayout ( Unit  unit = RelativeStrength  ) 
QwuiLayout::~QwuiLayout (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool QwuiLayout::contains ( QwuiWebget w  )  const [pure virtual]
virtual int QwuiLayout::count (  )  const [pure virtual]
virtual int QwuiLayout::indexOf ( QwuiWebget w  )  const [pure virtual]
bool QwuiLayout::isEnabled (  )  const
virtual QwuiLayoutItem* QwuiLayout::itemAt ( int  index  )  const [pure virtual]
QwuiLayoutItem::ItemType QwuiLayout::itemType (  )  const [virtual]

Implements QwuiLayoutItem.

QwuiWebget * QwuiLayout::parentWebget (  )  const
virtual void QwuiLayout::removeItem ( QwuiLayoutItem item  )  [pure virtual]
void QwuiLayout::removeWebget ( QwuiWebget w  ) 
virtual void QwuiLayout::render (  )  [pure virtual]
void QwuiLayout::setEnabled ( bool  enable  ) 
void QwuiLayout::setSpacing ( int  s  ) 
void QwuiLayout::setUnit ( QwuiLayout::Unit  u  ) 
int QwuiLayout::spacing (  )  const
virtual QwuiLayoutItem* QwuiLayout::takeAt ( int  index  )  [pure virtual]
virtual LayoutType QwuiLayout::type (  )  const [pure virtual]
QwuiLayout::Unit QwuiLayout::unit (  )  const
QString QwuiLayout::unitToString (  )  const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class QwuiWebget [friend]

Member Data Documentation

bool QwuiLayout::m_enabled [private]
int QwuiLayout::m_spacing [private]

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